Jay Lombard DO

Dr. Lombard is a Behavioral Neurologist and co-founder of Genomind, a personalized medicine company for psychiatry. He is the former Chief of Neurology at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Lombard was also the Chief of Neurology at Westchester Square Medical Center and the Brain Behavior Center.

Dr. Lombard has published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Medical Hypothesis, Clinics of North America and Expert Opinion on topics as diverse as autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and depression. He has authored several best-selling books, including: Brain Wellness Plan, Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life, Freedom from Disease and Mind of God- Neuroscience, Faith and the Search for the Human Soul. Jay Walker, founder of TedMed, described Dr. Lombard as “part Freud, part Sherlock Holmes.”

For more information about Dr. Lombard, please visit https://genomind.com/team/jay-lombard-do/